For people who love reading news about ghosts, the real Teresa Fidalgo should be something that they are familiar with. When the accident happened to Teresa Fidalgo, there were a lot of people talking about that and the newspaper reported this case.

The Accident of The Real Teresa Fidalgo

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Real Teresa Fidalgo

In 1983, there was an accident happening to the real Teresa Fidalgo. She was taking a car in the highways and the car clashed seriously. Then, she died because of that. But this was not the end of the story. She was later found to appear in the highway and asked for hitchhiking.

It was already several years after her accident. She tried to stay in the highway and asked for a hitchhiking trip with a couple from England. There was a video featuring the conversation between the couple and Teresa Fidalgo. They had a chat casually and Teresa mentioned her life as well as something about her. All of a suddenly, the screen changed to a very horrible scene.

The face of Teresa Fidalgo was red, full with blood. The passengers in the car were scared, but the driver was the most scared one. He started to lose the control over the car and the car clashed. The video ended and the police later found the car. They also found the video and they took the video for analyzing the case. They were also scared by the scenes that they saw. They clearly saw Teresa Fidalgo and some of them recognized that the girl had died several years ago exactly at the same place. They were so shocked to see this girl appearing again in the video and with such a bloody face in the middle part of the video.

The Real Teresa Fidalgo Video Creators Come Forward

Later, the video source was leaked to the public. Somebody uploaded this video and the whole world was shocked by this video. They could never imagine that such a beautiful girl was the ghost who tried to go around and turn other people’s life to death. Therefore, there were a lot of debates around the world.

After a certain period of time, some people come out and they admit that the video that people forward crazily around the world was actually the video made by them. But they insisted that the whole thing was a real one. They say that the police really had the record that Teresa Fidalgo had died in 1983 and years later a similar girl appeared in the place. They said there was once the original copy of the video but they destroyed it. They even claimed that the original cameraman had become mad and was sent to the hospital for long-term mental care. They saw the original video and they found the video to be too scary. Therefore, they decided to destroy it. But they soon realize that they should make a new one and let people be aware of the real Teresa Fidalgo. Therefore, they tried to make the video in that way.