Teresa Fidalgo

The story of Teresa Fidalgo was originated from a video about ghost. The video was shot in Portugal. There are many discussions on this video from past to now and there are many people who believe that this is a true video. However, there are also many people saying that this video did not reflect the truth. Instead, it was just a short horror film.

People believed that it was Teresa Fidalgo in the video

Teresa Fidalgo was the girl in the video. In the video, she was the girl who got a ride by hitchhiking with some people. Teresa started to talk about herself when she got on the car and she was trying to be a friend with the people who picked her up in the highways. But suddenly, the face of Teresa Fidalgo became a bloody one and she started to scream and had a lot of horrible acts. Suddenly, the whole camera rolled and the whole car was believed to be damaged because of a mysterious accident.

Teresa Fidalgo History

After the investigation of the police, it was believed that Teresa Fidalgo appeared in the video was the Teresa Fidalgo who died several years ago in the same highway. She got the similar traffic accidents in that time and died. Therefore, it was believed that she tried to haunt other people in the same place and the couple who picked her up in the highways was the unlucky one.

The story of Teresa Fidalgo was widely talked about

This story was widely discussed. It was because the video related to Teresa Fidalgo was later uploaded to some of the video sharing website. Some of the people were scared by the scene but people who are used to watching horror films identified that the video was like a film and the situation was not a real one.

Teresa Fidalgo Story

However, there was another say. Some people said that the original copy of the video was too scary that people did not dare to put it to the video sharing websites. Therefore, one of the people who watched the original video tried to restructure the whole video and make it less horrible. Therefore, they argued that the thing happened to Teresa Fidalgo was an actual thing and the haunting thing was a real one.

Teresa Fidalgo 1983 – The Horror Story

Video believed to be real

After watching the video, you may find that this was a real one. It was because the driver showed his scary face and this face could hardly be acted. Some people analyzed that this video was a real one because the driver was too shocked by the face of Teresa Fidalgo. The even made a joke that the driver must be the best actor in the world if the whole thing was not a real one. He absolutely showed the panic in the car and he was the one who intensified the scary feeling in the video.

To conclude, Teresa Fidalgo was one of the girls who died for a traffic accident in around 1980s. Nobody knows whether she really became a ghost and haunted the others, but it might be a true thing given the videos and some of the sayings around the world.

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