Teresa Fidalgo Story

From past to now, people would have heard of different types of horror stories around the world. One of the horror stories heard by many people living in Portugal would probably be the Teresa Fidalgo story.


Teresa Fidalgo story starts in 1983

This story originated from 1983. In that year, it was believed that a girl called Teresa Fidalgo died. Then, she was believed to appear in the place around the fatal accident occurred and tried to haunt the others. One day, she haunted a pair of couple who tried to help her. The couple tried to use a video camera to record the conversation with the girl. Suddenly, everything became bloody and the face of the girl became very scary. The driver became very scared and the whole car clashed. The video ended and nobody knew what happened.

The Teresa Fidalgo story and the short video were uploaded to the internet later. A lot of people in Portugal said that they also saw that girl in the highway but they were lucky that they did not let the girl to hitchhike with them. Therefore, the rumor spread around the whole country and even the whole world.

Video about the Teresa Fidalgo story faked

After a certain period of time, it was found that the video was not the original one. The video was taken by a camera man and a director who was good at making horror films and short videos related to the horror genre. They tried to base on the original Teresa Fidalgo history that they have heard to make the video. In other words, they claimed that the story was a real one and they based on the Teresa Fidalgo history to make the video that many people are forwarding and watching in the recent decades.

According to them, the original Teresa Fidalgo history was a more mysterious one. They have said that the police had investigated into the whole accident. According to the police, there was no reason for the car to crash. They have said that the road was a smooth one and the car engine worked at that time before the accident. Therefore, it must be something unexpected which caused the driver to crash the car. This conclusion adds the mysterious feeling to the whole Teresa Fidalgo story and this further makes some people think that Teresa Fidalgo story was a real one.

Some people say that they knew the survivor of the car accidents, who once say the face of Teresa Fidalgo. According to this survivor, everything was real and the story was a real ghost haunting experience. But there was no method for people to identify whether this was true or not because that person who claimed to be the ‘survivor’ did not come out and publicly tell what he has seen. Therefore, it was not possible to conclude whether the story was a real one or not. But the Teresa Fidalgo story has become one of the hotly discussed topics among teenagers since that period of time and many people tried to make similar horror videos as well.

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