Teresa Fidalgo History

If you are not familiar with the Teresa Fidalgo history but you have heard a little bit about the girl, you can try to read the information here.

Curiosity about the Teresa Fidalgo history

People are curious about the Teresa Fidalgo history because they have heard of a story about this girl. The girl was once a happy girl living in Portugal. She was beautiful and she was cheerful. One day, she took on a car to her journey to travel but the car unfortunately clashed badly. Therefore, she lost her life in this accident.

After several years of time, a girl with similar dresses and face with Teresa Fidalgo appeared on a highway. The highway was exactly the one where this girl lost her life. She tried to ask for a hitchhiking trip in the highway and a couple travelling from England to Portugal offered her with this trip. They started with a casual and comfortable conversation, with the girl telling the sightseeing places that the couple should visit in the country. However, things did not run so well later. The face of the girl suddenly became a red one because there were a lot of bloods suddenly appearing. The car clashed and the couple died. But the police could not find the dead body of the girl.

Teresa Fidalgo history is mysterious

The Teresa Fidalgo history was a mysterious one. As mentioned above, there were a lot of strange things in the Teresa Fidalgo history. For example, there should be no reason for this girl to appear again. According to the normal Teresa Fidalgo history, the girl should have died and she should not appear again years later. But she did, according to the record of the police as well as the videos found. The video was found in the car where the couple died and the video recorded the conversation.

Therefore, people concluded that the Teresa Fidalgo story was a mysterious one. Some of them think that the girl had become a ghost and this ghost tried to stay to the place where she died and tried to haunt the others. This was probably one of the most famous conclusions about the Teresa Fidalgo story. Although some people think that it was not possible to have ghost, people simply cannot find a good explanation to the existence of this girl.

Video claimed to be fake But here is real Teresa Fidalgo

After several years of time, a man came out and he claimed that the video was not a valid one. He claimed that the video was shot by him and it was a video based on the real history of the girl. In other words, the police did not actually find a video in the car. Instead, there was one survivor who told the whole story. Then, this man took the video and let the others know that there was once a girl who became a ghost and stayed in the same place where she died to find the next victim.

No matter what, the Teresa Fidalgo history has become one of the things that people living in Portugal or even other parts of the world would look at.

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