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Movies like Wild Child

Romantic and teens movies have its unique history of doing well at the box office all time, because it is enjoyable for all viewers. The story of the movies like Wild Child is significant as it shows that the connection between family and heritage is how important in today’s life. Movie such as wild child is tale about a girl who is rebellious by nature, for this reason she is sent off to a strict boarding school by her father. When she joined there it was difficult for her to get involved in totally new strict regime. So, to deal with new strict environment she decided to misbehave all the time, which will allow her to being dismissed from school. Pick this movie DVD to know rest of the scenes, whether she succeed in her way or not.

wild child like movies

Movies Like The Proposal

There are numerous this types of movies similar to wild child movie and they are available and enjoyed by all the age groups audience. Some of the best movies are listed below:

Movies Similar to Wild Child

  1. The Clique
  2. Clueless
  3. Nanny McPHEE
  4. Mean Girls
  5. Trinian’s

The Clique

It is one of the best movies to watch for youngster. The movie is about a girl whose family is migrated form a middle class Florida to one of the new place. Where this girls opt a guesthouse to stay and trying to fit with her new clique though it is very delicate for her to adjust with them.


It is not an easy task to being admired and glamour girl, especially when you are not attractive, ugly look, untrendy, and so on. Cher, charming and intelligent girl trying to adjust with everyone, making new friends, giving a best makeover to her unattractive friend to feel special. Apart from these her life start when there are two stylish and bold hunks joined her class and now Cher is about to thinking when it comes to fall in love with whom, she is completely clueless.

Nanny McPHEE

This movie is around a huge family of 7th children and new Nanny. These children are very naughty; liar, misbehaved, violent etc always do disgusting pranks on Nanny, who is caretaker for them. McPHEE has a strange look with long nose, big teeth, pock marked skin, but still very confident to handle with these children and keep them in right track. How she undertake these disobedient children will be admirable to watch.

Mean Girls

A girl (Cady) moves to the USA from Africa and her parents enrolled her to a new school, where she is trying to find her new group. In this School there are groups of 3 girls called as plastics, they try to dominate the rest of the girls by making their own rules and regulation. Cady along with her 3 new friends tries to take revenge from plastic by giving foot cream on face, force to drink kalteen bars(weight gain), and many more.

Trinian’s movies same as wild child

Another movie which is related to boarding school, and how a girl trying to fit in her new school and its unique culture. Worth to watch for parents also to know what kind of situations their children face in their boarding school.

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