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Movies Like The Proposal

Movies like the proposal are very difficult to find now days. It is American based movie with good humor and comedy. The movie is directed by Anne Fletcher .The lead roles are caste by Sandra Bullock and Ryan, the 2 fine actresses in the Hollywood industry. The movie is based on a lady (Margaret Tate) who is working in a reputed publishing company in New York as a successful chief editor. She lost her parents at young age and it was very tough time for her to survive as a successful self made chief editor. Movies similar to the proposal are very popular in young generation.

the proposal like moviesAnother young assistant (Andrew) was working along with her in the same company form past 3 years. The movie’s highlighted part is that when Margaret started facing the problem of being deported back to her town Canada on the termination of her employment visa .To keep away from this termination of her service visa, she decided to marry someone who is resident of New York, and then she forces her young editor Andrew to marry her. Andrew agrees to her proposal on the assured that he will get promoted immediately.

Movies similar to the proposal

  1. Family Plan
  2. Holiday Engagement
  3. The Wedding Daze
  4. My Fake Fiancé

Movie like the proposal Family Plan

In this movie Charlie is working for a reputed company, where her boss gives significance to family priority first. One day her Boss Invites Charlie for dinner party and to impress her boss she borrowed neighbor’s child and also borrow fake guy as her husband. How this false lifestyle helped her to win the boss hearth, you can know by watching it till the end of the movie.

Holiday Engagement

The actress Hillary faced many circumstances in her life to fulfill her mother’s demand but at  last she realize that she should go for holiday, where she meets a guy but later broke up with him. So she is hired a guy on rent for acting false fiancé in front of her family, which creates lots of trouble, risk, difficult to lie with everyone. Later, this fake relationship turns into reel life as Hillary started liking David, Interesting to watch this movie how unexpected things happen due to situation arise.

The Wedding Daze

The movie is all about how a young guy is ready to propose a girl to marry him as advised by his best friend. And this proposal creates a big trouble, when the girlfriend dies due to unexpected proposal. And rest of his life become miserable in depression but after one year another girl come in his life and what happen next, just watch the rest of the tale.

My fake Fiancé

The story is quite natural concept and very interesting to watch it. Where Vince and Jennifer, both are unfamiliar person to each other and face shortage of money to fulfill their requirements. So, both decided on mutual concern that they will do fake engagement which will allow them to receive many gift, money and many more. Which will be sufficient for them to meets their needs, after a certain time they will split and live happily. It is good to see how unreal romance turns into real love.

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