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Census of waterbirds begins in Kashmir

A two-day evaluation of waterbirds started today in 23 wetlands of Kashmir valley which have near a million transient winged creatures each winter notwithstanding countless nearby species.

“Regarding International Waterbird registration and Asian Waterbird evaluation 2016, the Department of Wildlife Protection sorted out a two-day program at Hokersar which started today,” an official representative said.

The project saw members including understudies, NGOs and Wildlife SOS, the representative said.
“The division is arranging this occasion in all the essential wetlands which incorporate Hokersar, Shallabugh, Wullar, Dal, Anchar, Haigam and Chattlum,” Chief Wildlife Warden Deepak Khanna said.

Each year a great many volunteers crosswise over Asia visit wetlands and tally water winged animals for populace estimation which incorporate transient and inhabitant feathered creatures.

“This occasion is known as the Asian waterbird registration which is a piece of a worldwide water fledgling progarmme, the International waterbird enumeration facilitated by Wetlands International Netherlands,” Khanna said.

Before the activity, an introduction session for the members was held at Hokersar where they were given direct learning of the system to be embraced in numbering the feathered creatures.

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