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Reliance is going to launch JIO 4G services in second half of 2016: Mukesh Ambani

Reliance will be launch Jio 4G services in second half of 2016: Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, India's richest person, said Reliance Jio will be ready to commercially launch its important discussed 4G telecom service in second half of 2016, offering 80 per cent for of Indians high speed mobile internet and also voice services. Reliance Jio had in late December uneviled fourth generation (4G) service

20 New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Photos Reveal Major Spoilers For Season 6: By Huffingtonpost

Source • A couple of unexpected characters are alive. • At least one dream team is back. • While Arya is not looking good. OK, all that stuff about "visions" and "three-eyed ravens" is cute, Bran. But HBO just gave us a glimpse of the future, and it's blowing our minds. Twenty official "Game of Thrones" Season 6 photos

Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis tempest to 37th straight win in St Petersburg

Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza and her Swiss accomplice Martina Hingis extended their triumphant streak to 37 amusements with a straight sets triumph in the opening round of the ladies' copies occasion at the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy on Thursday. Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza and her Swiss accomplice Martina Hingis

Gravitational waves: Scientists release audio recording of sound of ‘ripples in spacetime’ flying past us

The sound is far too quick to hear — but a slowed down version of the all-important bleep has been released Scientists have released what is perhaps the most important sound heard this century. A new recording captures the moment a gravitational wave flew past Earth, proving long-held theories and potentially giving

Intex FitRist Fitness Band Now in India Just For Rs. 999

Intex has disclosed its new FitRist wellness band valued at Rs. 999. The new wellness following band from Intex will be accessible only by means of Snapdeal. The FitRist wellness tracker band is the second wearable from Intex while the first was the iRist smartwatch. At this value point, the Intex

Only Healthier and Smarter Woman Has Big Round Butt: New Study Revels The Secret

Listen up women! Got a glorious and voluptuous derriere and love it exactly like that? Well, science is here to give you an even better reason to keep that "junk in the trunk". Turns out a robust behind is way more than just eye-candy - it is an actual indicator of

Did You Know Why India Chose 26th January As Our Republic Day?

republic day of india 26 january

India won Independence on 15th August, 1947. So why is it that we waited until 26th January, 1950, to declare India are a republic? As we close in on our 66th Republic Day, let's solve this little mystery for you: Source: As surprising as it might sound, there was a time when the

मराठी नटसम्राट डॉ . श्रीराम लागू यांचा अप्रतिम अभिनय

तुम्ही नाना पाटेकरांचा मराठी चित्रपट नटसम्राट पाहिलात का ? मराठी चित्रपटांनी पुन्हा एकदा दाखवून दिले आहे कि चीत्रपाटाचा जन्म भारतात मराठी माणसाने घडवला आणि आता पहा  मराठी नाटक नटसम्राट यातील डॉ . श्रीराम लागू यांचा अप्रतिम अभिनय. अगदी नाना पाटेकर सुधा म्हणतात कि असा नाट होणे नाही कृपया share करा आपल्या

Jack Ma, From Tour Guide To Billionaire, The Inspiring Story Of Alibaba Founder


If you are an Internet shopaholic then odds are that you would've heard of e-commerce website, Alibaba. But not everyone has heard the  inspiring story of its founder, Jack Ma, which is just a tad bit more stellar than the average rags-to-riches tale one hears about. Here are a few facts

20 Most Badass Dialogues From International TV Shows

1. Game of Thrones © HBO 2. Suits © Universal Columbia Pictures 3. Sherlock © BBC 4. Fargo © Nomadic Pictures 5. True Detective © HBO 6. House of Cards © Netflix 7. House M.D © FOX 8. Hannibal © NBC 9. Person of Interest © CBS 10. Newsroom © HBO 11. The Sopranos © HBO 12. Supernatural © The CW 13. Justified © FX 14. Deadwood © HBO 15. Prison Break © FOX 16. Grey’s Anatomy © ABC Studios 17. Parks

From Delhi To London In Car: Three Woman, 97 Days, 13 Countries

A team of 3 women drove from Delhi to London approximately covering 23,800 km crossing 13 countries. Rashmi Koppar, Dr Soumya Goyal and Nidhi Tiwari embarked on a trans-national journey and chose their route based on the places they wanted to visit along the way. For Nidhi Tiwari, the sole driver

20 People That Are Doing It Wrong

1. Needs some tripod support / Via 2. Needs more celebration practice / Via 3. Needs more work on his “Dude! Grenade!” / Via Not the guy you want to share a foxhole with 4. Needs more birthday prep / Via He’s got time. 2 or 3 more birthdays and he’ll

10 Facts You Should Know About Imran Khan, The Man Modi Praised In His Wembley Speech

In his speech at London’s Wembley Stadium yesterday, Narendra Modi referred to Imran Khan, while addressing the Indian diaspora. And this Imran Khan is very much different from the Pakistan’s all-rounder, we all grew up watching. This youth from Alwar in Rajasthan has developed around 50 mobile applications and dedicated those

This Adventurous Indian Family Drove A Car From Bengaluru To Paris Over 111 Days

Story By: Raj Das Source: ScoopWhoop You know how they constantly feed you the idea that once you get hitched and start a family, the fun stops? Well, guess what? An Indian family just blew that notion to smithereens. Meet the Baid family. Earlier this year, Anand and Punita Baid, along with their

27 Insanely Creative Halloween Costumes Every Movie Lover Will Want

1. Carl and Russell from Up –cassiehiatt 2. And the actual house –mollywack 3. ~No Ragrets~ kid from We’re the Millers –stephanieelkin 4. Regina George in Mean Girls –jorditiffany 5. Darla from Finding Nemo –jennyvee1 6. Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins –mandym44 7. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus –jenbender 8. Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky from Dodgeball –hannahr41 9. Boo from Monsters, Inc. –kimmieescobarp 10. Jimmy Dugan and