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25 Rockstars Who Tried To Be Sexy For Their Album Covers But Failed Miserably

I think the last dude who bought an actual physical album of any artist died back in the year 2009, of stupidity. In today’s scenario, no one has the time or principle to go to a CD store instead of downloading music for free.

There were those darker days, when making songs wasn’t enough, the artist had to market the songs as well, which meant being creative in their album covers, as that had to be the selling point.

As is the case with anything though, there were always a bunch of misses in the middle of those hits.



1. Jim Post – I Love My Life

I used to like my life as well.

Source: WordPress



2. Rick James – Throwin’ Down

Cocaine is a helluva drug.

Source: tumblr



3. Bros – Chocolate Box

So much blasphemy in this pic.

Source: Blogspot



4. Prince – Lovesexy

We found monkey man!

Source: MySpace



5. Orleans – Waking and Dreaming

Ain’t no fraternity till you touch nippy.

Source: iheart



6. Herbie Mann – Push Push

Nicholas Cage’s face. Anil Kapoor’s body.

Source: Pinterest



7. Madonna – Hard Candy

Nothing hard or candy in here.

Source: musicstack



8. Tino Fernandez – Por Primera Vez


Where the concept of “ball” boy emerged.

Source: amoney



9. Stryken – First Strike

No, just… no.

Source: mynet



10. The Handsome Beasts – Beastiality

I’m so scared for that pig right now.

Source: sfgate



11. Prince – Controversy

You forgot your pants and bunch of other stuff, man.

Source: nadlanu



12. Joe Henry – Trampoline


Source: nnm



13. Manowar – Anthology

They look like anorexic He-Men.

Source: Google Plus



14. Village People – Renaissance

The kind of Renaissance where the wrong culture was re-birthed.

Source: picc



15. Fireballet – Two, Too

Indian comedy shows in the near future.

Source: ink361



16. Millie Jackson – Back to the Shit

The way to a man’s heart.

Source: musicstack



17. Wasnatch – Front to Back

Bass to mouth.

Source: Twitter



18. A Taste of Dick Black – Dick Black and His Band

Nuff’ said.

Source: allaboutmusic



19. Argentina Coral – Cante Gitano

It’s subjective, that’s all I’ll say.

Source: allaboutmusic



20. Barbara Markay – Give Your Dick To Me

I don’t know about you all, but I feel intimidated.

Source: flickr



21. Quim Barreiros, Recebi Um Convite (A Casa Da Joquina)


Aamir Khan in PK, anyone?

Source: Blogspot



22. Kevin Rowland – My Beauty

He bought that dress at the beauty-free store.

Source: The Gaurdian



23. Brainstorm – Smile a While

I’m sorry.

Source: Amazon



24. Tony Tee – Time To Get Physical

I don’t think tighter spandex’s were possible.

Source: WordPress



25. Saveta Jovanovic – Lazno Je, Lazno Sve Sto Je Tvoje

The original choice for Veet.

Source: xexe



Let’s just try to focus on their music, shall we?


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