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15 Facts About Nintendo Games You Never Knew.

I’ve never been able to see this game the same way after this one.

A Mario Kart 8 track has a beanstalk coming out of a question mark block, just like in the regular Mario Games.

Yoshi’s Island was a game about Baby Mario but that didn’t stop developers from putting in some dirty jokes.

In Animal Crossing, an alien shows up on TV at 3:33 on Sundays and Mondays.

They messed up the fireballs in Mario 1. They make SO much more sense

Here’s a bunch of facts about Nintendo you didn’t know.

Man Nintendo is sick sometimes.

You could never see this because you only see a part of it at a time.

Nintendo likes to hide shapes in their levels seems like.

Another one.

This world in Super Mario Bros. 3 had a not so subtle reference to the series’ iconic warp pipes.

Well, Pokemon came through.

This is kinda dark.

Pikmin is actually a post-apocalyptic game where all humans have died.

That was a long one, but worth it
source: OMGfats
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