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13 Befitting Replies You Can Give Your Parents If They Ask You About Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

When your friends tease you about your dating life – or lack thereof, you still manage to get away with it. A few seconds of glaring. Maybe one slap on the back. Or joining in the laughter. While trying to think about the perfect comeback that would shut them up.

But what would you say if your parents started talking about your love life? Here are some hilarious responses that would definitely make that conversation interesting!

(Warning : Use these on parents with strong hearts!)


Dad: Hey son, how is your girlfriend?

Son: She is good. And dad, I want to tell you something… *blushing*
Dad: What?
Son: You are soon going to be a grandfather. Just four more months. Just four. *touches dad’s feet*




Mom (with a mischievous grin)  : –  “Koi pataya hua hai kya?”  (Translation : Put your moves on a boy yet?)

Me (faking annoyance) : – “Kabhi time nikaal ke sikhaaya mujhe kaise patate hain?” (Translation : Did you ever take out time to teach me any moves?)




Mom: So do you have a girlfriend ? Or are you at least looking at some girls? :p

I knew it was a joke.

Me: Mummy given the sex ratio in IIT, I have started looking into guys for a change. But they aren’t from our religion/caste.




Mom: Please don’t get a foreign boyfriend.

Daughter: What would you like more – a foreign boy or an Indian girl?




Mom: ”Where are you going all dressed up? Are you going to meet your girlfriend?”

Son: “Yeah, she is waiting at the bus stop. If I don’t go, somebody else will pick her up!”




Mom: “Where are you going? And why are you dressed up? Going to meet your boyfriend?”

Daughter: ”Not today. All of them are busy!”




Dad: Ghar ki yaad nahi aati. Koi GF hai kya? (with a smile) (You don’t remember the family. Do you have any GF ?)

Me : GF to hai aur Ghar ki yaad bhi bahut aati hai .  Isiliye soch rha hu ke uske saath vahi per ghar basa lu.  (I have a GF and I remember family as well. That’s why I am thinking of starting the family with her there itself).




Mom – Since, your motorcycle does not have a carrier, every girl will be afraid to sit behind you on your bike.

Son – You are right mom but if by any chance one of them sits, they will have to hold me for sure.




Mom:  So when can we meet your boyfriend?

Daughter: Fine Fine! I’ll bring him home tomorrow but make sure not to ask him about his wife. He gets real mad!




Dad: So? How’s life going Mr.single? Found any gf or not?

You: Yes dad. I am just excited to introduce her to you. I think you will like her too. She is quite mature and will be able to handle me easily.

Dad: Oh great. Finally. But how?

You: Well, I think she will mix well in our family, she’s almost of your age and has no husband anymore. She just divorced for me. ^_^




Dad: If you have any girlfriend bring her to us!!!

My phone rang at that moment.

Me: Hi darling, are you coming to home?? My dad is eager to meet you!!

Dad Shocks!! Me Rocks!!




Dad: What does your boyfriend do for a living?

Daughter: Which one are you talking about Dad?




Boy with messy hair sits for breakfast with his granny.

Granny: Baal toh cut wale! Teri girlfriend tujhe kuch nai bolti? (at least get a decent hair cut done. Does not your girlfriend complain about it?)

Boy: Nai toh. Lekin abi wo mere room mei so rai hai, jab so k uthegi tab confirm karta hu usse! (No actually. But she is sleeping in my room for now. Let her wake up and then I’ll confirm with her.)



Do you also know of some befitting answers to give to your parents, relatives or any of those nosy ‘mohalle ke’ uncle and aunty who always seem too interested in knowing about your life outside of home? If yes, then we are all ears. :)

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